About us


Marcin Kozicki – editor and co-founder of www.stacjaislandia.pl and a co-editor of www.muzykaislandzka.pl as well as a co-editor music section of www.icelandnews.is. A journalist,  music reviewer and podcaster. Passionate about music, especially music from the far north – Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. A traveller and observer traversing musical worlds. A wanderer on a continuous journey woven from many sounds.

Agnieszka Kozicka – editor and co-founder of www.stacjaislandia.pl as well as a co-editor of www.muzykaislandzka.pl. She’s a photographer – www.krainaobrazu.eu. For her, being in constant motion is the only way to survive reality. To have a look at Iceland while being on horseback and through the lens of a camera – priceless.




Emiliana Konopka – Student of art history at University of Warsaw, fascinated with Iceland since many years, which is caused by Sigur Rós and picturesque landscapes. From 2013 acts chairperson of The Student Icelandic Club, within the scope of she shares her passion for Icelandic sagas and art. She has never been to Iceland.