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Geislar is a band that brings together well-known and recognised musicians connected with the Icelandic alternative and jazz scenes.

Geislar are:

Magnús Trygvason Eliassen (Moses Hightower, Amiina, Kippi Kaninus, Tilbury) – drums
Ómar Guðjónsson (ADHD, Drangar, Jagúar)– guitars and tuba
Óskar Guðjónsson (ADHD, Jagúar)– saxophones
Sigríður Thorlacius (Hjaltalín) – vocals
Styrmir Sigurðsson (Belafonte)– piano, keyboards and vocals
Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson (Hjálmar) – basses and banjo


In 2014, the group made their debut with the material on Containing the Dark. With its sound, the album evokes associations with black-and-white films, an old cinema hall and jazz clubs. The music creates a mysterious atmosphere in a vintage style. It’s peculiar avant-garde; illustrative music with elements of jazz, soul and alternative pop with almost a symphonic momentum. It is music that is very delicate, sensuous and even ethereal; veiled by thick fog and infused with an atmosphere of wistfulness, uncertainty, loneliness, hope and love. This atmosphere thickens in an extraordinary way at times and the suspense intensifies. Added to this, there is the ‘film’ melancholy of Sigríður’s voice. Her voice is filled with emotions, with sounds both calm and nostalgic. It has a number of timbres. It’s simply magic.

Geislar have a really attractive sound. It is music full of magnificent tunes that have been recorded boldly with a full awareness of each sound. The compositions are infused with numerous nuances of tone and with delicate melodies. The whole hypnotises the listeners wonderfully while strongly affecting their imaginations. It could, no doubt, be a soundtrack to some melodrama of old times.

The best idea is to listen to the entire record in one go when you’re on your own and focused because it’s a musical masterpiece that is worth people’s attention and devotion.




Geislar :: Containing the Dark

1. Stone Cold Stone (4:48)
2. Secret (4:40)
3. Lifeguard (feat. Uni Stefson)(3:43)
4. Boundary of Hope (3:18)
5. Goodbye (4:25)
6. Double Fling (3:01)
7. Worlds Colliding (4:11)
8. Resolution in Revolution (7:20)



Geislar : facebook // soundcloud

Geislar :: Containing the Dark
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