Iceland To Poland

tour 2016


Iceland To Poland will go through four cities of Poland:

Poznan – 7th of June, 20:00, Eskulap Akademickie Centrum Kultury
Wroclaw – 8th of June, 20:00, Alibi Club
Warsaw – 10th of June, 20:00, Progresja Music Zone
Gdansk – 11th of June, B90


The tour consists of series of concerts with Icelandic music bands:




„It´s a new power on Icelandic rock scene. The proof of it is their EP, released in 2015, “Heretic”, including 4 songs, which are like a breath of fresh air in the world of rock´n´roll. The band resurrects faith in the power of guitars and drums. The sound is abrasive and complex, but it doesn´t lack the energy, unpretentiousness and originality. The whole of this EP´s material is heavy and ambitious, but also very melodic, catchy, we can say they are hit songs. What is very important: the ambitions of the band didn´t repel their music of humorous atmosphere. I believe this band rules on stage”. (album review here)



„Stoner rock/post metal quartet, which came to be in 2010 on an isolated fjord of the Easter Iceland: in Neskaupsstaður, to be precise, a cradle of Icelandic heavy metal. The band debuted in 2014 with an album “Misadventures”. Their style characterize a hard rock groove, heavy metal carrying capacity and the heaviness of sludge-metal. You can find escapades, really successful, to the classic rock of the 70´s, which ennoble their sound, but the whole is wrapped up in progressive solutions and addictive melodies, characterized by wildness and untamed energy. The devil is in the detail. And you can find a lot of them in here”. (album review here)

Churchhouse Creepers


„Fresh, stoner rock trio, which the main characteristics of are pointed down on the groove with some elements of progressive rock and metal. Great technique combined with lively rock´n´roll. 28th of November 2015 their first album was released “From Party To Apocalypse”. You can easily put a sticker on it with a sign “Attention: Blood, Sweat, Sand and Rock´n´Roll”. The band is clearly finding their inspirations from the stoner traditions, with energetic play on the line with hard rock, metal, punk and bass sound of the guitars. This band has feistiness and chill in their blood, which makes them perfect companions to parties. They deserve the attention. And seeing them live – it´s gotta be something!”. (album review here)


Alchemia - Band photo 1

It´s heavy metal combined with other genre styles. The easiest way to describe their music would be to look for inspirations in bands like Metallica, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Black Rebel Soiciety, Nirvana and Ozzy Osbourne. The band was formed in 2007 in Hafnarfjörður. They´ve released three LP´s. The newest one “Lunatic Lullabies” has hit the market 27th of February 2016.


The headlining act is however an American singer-songwriter, legendary LEDFOOT.


Tim Scott McConnell aka Tim Scott aka LEDFOOT is a unique American artist, which performs live since he was only 15. Known from legendary bands The Rockats and The Havalinas, which he created with Smutty Smiff (Rockats, 13 Cats) and Chalo Quintana (Cruzados, Bob Dylan, Social Distortion). He also performed in MoMactrio. From 2007 performing as a single artist under a pseudonym Ledfoot. The creator of the gothic blues.


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Press info: wiktoria@wildcatehf.is
Link to the events: Poznan, Wroclaw, Warsaw i Gdansk.

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